Client Reference H

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example H

Tags: Business Development, Lead Generation, Market Strategy, Sales Enablement

This returning client of PLM Alliances with a PDM software product sought help with reviewing then improving the performance of their lead generation initiatives. This objectives of this three-month project were:

  • Inventory all the various lead generation activities that had been performed over the years
  • Categorize them between traditional marketing, digital marketing, sales driven, partner driven, executive driven, and other sources
  • Evaluate how effective each of these had been with producing results as well as how much effort was required
  • Analyze why some initiatives and programs worked while others did not
  • Identify lead gen programs that had not been tried but have produced for others ISPs
  • Recommend which lead gen activities should be continued, tried, expanded, fixed, or abandoned
  • Present results in a live workshop then collaborate with the client to rank and prioritize the order of those selected
  • Work hands-on with the client’s business development team to execute, including development of marketing and sales assets to support the activity
Lead Generation History and Performance Matrix Template

A key outcome of this project was helping the client to realize they had simply tried to perform too many lead gen activities at the same time but with too little focus and too few resources to make any produce at or above expectations.

The top producing result of the project was the recommendation to create a multi-channel lead generation campaign around the client’s consulting services that was easier to promote than that of the software product. A new set of consulting products was reimagined and defined in which the client could far more easily dominate ranking on page one of multiple Internet search terms. Using new website content and blog posts authored by PLM Alliances to support this campaign, the client was able to attract a top-tier supplier within their focused industry which led to the sale of a global project spanning more than six months of consulting.


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