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PLM Channel Consulting Services

PLM Alliances offers Independent Software Vendors (ISV), System Integrators (SI), Value Added Resellers (VAR), and Value Added Collaborators (VAC) a portfolio of professional consulting services that spans the business lifecycle of PLM channel, partner, alliance, and community development.

Because PLM Alliances works only in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology markets, we immediately understand the context, opportunities, challenges, and competitive dynamics of the many solution segments – large and niche – which comprise the $40B global PLM economy.

The portfolio of PLM Alliances professional consulting services includes:

  •  Market Space Opportunity Identification, Reconnaissance, and Validation
  •   Partner Business Strategy Development and Review
  •  Imagineering of Collaboration Platforms and Strategic Alliances
  • √  Partner Readiness and Channel Friendliness Assessment
  •  Market Positioning, Messaging, and Value Proposition for the Partner Chain
  •  New Partner Identification, Engagement, Qualification, and Recruitment
  •  Partner Sales Enablement Collaterals, Go-to-Market Playbooks, and Sales Training
  •  Partner Conference, Webinars, and Sales Meeting Support
  •  Channel Business Development Coaching
  •   Community Ecosystem Ideation, Vetting, and Expansion
  •  Independent Surveys and Performance Audits of Partners or Programs
  •  Interim or Transitional Partner and Alliance Manager

We help small to mid-size organizations which often do not have the resource bandwidth or expertise to perform all of the above functions and who from time-to-time need an extra hand, head, and heart. Other organizations we assist may have a very experienced, successful partner management team, yet still value external perspectives, insights, vetting, and opinions to avoid being seduced by group think and risk missing breakout improvements or opportunities.

To deliver these services, we work with clients in a highly collaborative hands-on style, often embedded as a team member for the duration of the assignment, whether it be a month or a year. And since our focus is on producing business results, not written reports, we don’t leave after the strategy or plan is developed, but remain deeply involved to participate in or lead the execution until the desired outcomes are achieved.

To request more information, work examples, or client references for any of these services please contact Rich McFall directly at or +001.636.745.0122.

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