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PLM Alliances | Building Channels of Value-Added Collaboration and Business Development for Resilient Partnerships and Alliances

The website is the Internet home of PLM Alliances LLC and its Independent Practice Director and Management Consultant, Richard McFall. Our mission is to provide hyper-focused consulting services, best practices research, and insightful resources for creating more effective business development partnerships, alliances, channels, and communities across the engineering software markets within the $60B global Product Lifecycle Management PLM ecosystem of software solution and service providers.

The PLM market segments we cover range from small niche to large general purpose providers of software and services that span the product lifecycle across the functions of innovation, design, engineering, prototyping, simulation, costing, testing, quality, manufacturing, sourcing, service, and retirement. Just a few of the many PLM-related solution spaces

PLM Alliances

that support these functions include PDM, CAD, CAM, CAE/S&A, CM, PPM, DMfg, EIM, PCM, MBSE, VIZ, 3DP/AM, EDA, ALM, and SLM among numerous others. All of these application domains have their own rich lifecycle history of entrepreneurial innovation, disruption, evolution, consolidation, and regeneration, typically involving different partnership strategies at each stage. (Learn more about all these market segments that comprise the PLM ecosystem in The PLM Atlas.)

Since PLM is a comprehensive enterprise business strategy, no one single technology, software solution, or commercial provider can deliver all that is needed to implement a robust vision that will be resilient long into the future. Instead, PLM is enabled by a large, dynamic and increasingly open network of integrated best-in-class multidisciplinary software solutions and service providers that form a federated product innovation platform (PIP) architecture.

By some estimates from market analysts such there are well over 1,000 different software and service providers that populate the global PLM ecosystem. In our PLM Ecosystem Atlas project we have already identified and profiled over 900 entities. The short-term effectiveness and long-term success of alliances and partnerships between all these providers — new or old, small or large, specialized or general purpose — is critical not only to their own success but also to that of their industrial customers who depend on them. While there are many partnership successes, there are also many examples that failed to deliver upon their commercial promise or market potential.

PLM Alliances offers Independent Software Providers (ISP or ISV), Value Added Resellers (VAR), System Integrators (SI), and Consulting Services Providers (CSP) across PLM enabling software markets with a focused set of services to accelerate the development of their markets, partners, alliances, channels and communities. To learn more about the marketing and business development services — which we deliver with business passion using our hands, head, and heart to supplement those of your own team — visit Consulting Services.   

To explore examples of our work for independent software providers in several different PLM market segments, inspect these PLM Alliances Client References.

Subscribe to our Alliance Alchemy blog to read about the most common “myths and mistakes” of partner building that we have seen and even experienced for ourselves over the years. We also welcome hearing about and recognizing the partnerships, alliances, and channel communities that others think are most noteworthy and successful in our profession.

In our PLM Alliances posts we will be sharing news about The PLM Ecosystem Atlas initiative at The PLM Atlas offers the most comprehensive directory, classification, map, and relationships history of the global ecosystem of PLM solution providers, consulting organizations, and related resources. We originally created this unique resource as a tool to help ourselves and our clients explore and navigate the PLM ecosystem for business opportunities, but then recognized its value for industry users to identify software providers, consultants, events and other useful references.

We are busy producing results for our clients across several different engineering software market segments. Contact us now for assistance with planning and executing your 2023 market strategy, alliance creation, and partner business development initiatives.

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