Client Reference C

PLM Alliances Consulting Client Case Study C

Tags: Competitive Positioning, Market Strategy, Market SWOT

The Client:

An independent software provider, selling into the CAE simulation and mechanical analysis market segment of PLM-enabling solution software.

The Scenario:

Under the leadership of a relatively new CEO, promoted from within, the client sought a fresh outsider’s perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the company. They recognized the value in having an independent SWOT analysis conducted by a professional outside of their own management team to avoid bias or group-think. However, they were weary if an outside consultant could ever understand the intricacies and nuances of the company’s history, proprietary technology, software products, application uses, competition, and customer markets. They needed someone who was intimately familiar with all of these elements yet who was on the “outside edge of the inside” and thus capable of providing a comprehensive and unfiltered SWOT analysis.

Project Objectives:

Perform a top-down and bottom-up SWOT analysis of the company with emphasis on the markets and industry in which the client operated. Moderate one or more internal meetings to present the results to executives and solicit additional input and insights for inclusion in the final report. Present the SWOT results to the entire company in a way that would enhance respect, increase enthusiasm, and raise expectations for what the company has already accomplished and what could be achieved in the future.

Reason Cited for Selection:

  • Experience in engineering software, business development, marketing, and strategy required to address all of the important SWOT elements
  • Deep knowledge and expert insights of the client’s technology market segment
  • Insights and lessons learned from working with numerous other small software providers in similar technical software markets
  • Discovery and listening skills as demonstrated in previous meetings and engagements with client

Services Provided:

  • A set of independently performed business, market, and product SWOT Assessments
  • Facilitation of an interactive all-company workshop to present and review the SWOT analysis

Results Delivered:

The SWOT analysis led the client to better appreciate how to leverage all the strengths they had despite the perceived weaknesses and competitive positioning that had preoccupied some managers.  Members of the entire organization were given a forum to ask questions and express themselves openly using the consultant as a neutral surrogate. Younger team members were excited and motivated to understand how their work contributed to the larger market growth opportunity.

Project Outcome:

The PLM Alliances consulting services scope of work was renewed and expanded for additional support in the evolution of the client’s business team maturity and productivity.

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