Alliance Alchemy

  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 106 - Myth-Stakes of Partner & Alliance Building 106: PLM channel partners not grasping that industrial users don’t want to be “sold to” and that solution providers no longer need someone else to “do their selling” for them. Instead, as solution software and their underlying technologies have become more complex to learn about and apply in practice,... Continue Reading →
  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 105 - Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 105: (a) PLM VAR channel partners thinking that traditional forms of “value added” will protect their business model from being disrupted, then disintermediated, and finally obsoleted.  (b) Software solution providers believing that channel partners can successfully add all the value needed if their partners act just like a smaller cloned version... Continue Reading →
  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 104 - Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 104: Expecting that channel partners will be eager to invest in a new PLM market segment, a new technology, or a new product introduction from a new ISV, even when it would improve the partner’s own business viability as traditional channel models are being disrupted if not failing. It is no... Continue Reading →
  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 103 - Myth-Stake of Partner Building 103:  Channel partners won’t invest in a relationship, or even invest in their own performance as a partner, if they don’t have something in which they can take ownership. In this series of PLM Alliance Alchemy posts we are examining the more common myths and mistakes in partner, alliance, and channel... Continue Reading →
  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 102 - Myth-stake of Partner Building 102:  Collaborating as partners does not mean suspending reality or believing in the fantasy that each partner does not have their own special self-interests which will always be far more important than those of the partnership. In this series of Alliance Alchemy© posts on the myth-stakes of partner building, we are... Continue Reading →
  • Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 101 - Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 101 February, 2017 Perhaps like many others who have worked in various PLM market segments throughout their careers, the richness of technology spaces and diversity of business models within the PLM ecosystem continually astounds me. I find it awe-inspiring that there are so many nimble hyper-focused software firms, along with their... Continue Reading →
  • The Alchemy of Alliance Making - The Alchemy of Alliance Making January, 2017 All those who have spent their career creating partnerships, alliances, and channel communities within the many market segments of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) know that our profession is much more a wily situational craft than an easily repeatable or scalable management science. As evidence, the history of PLM... Continue Reading →

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