Alliance Survey

Alliance Manager Survey

As we build out our website resources to serve the professional community of PLM partner, channel, and alliance managers, we want to hear from you.  Please share your opinions by taking our alliance manager survey with the following six questions:

  1. Are strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships with third-party organizations becoming more or less important to the market segments in which your business competes?
  2. Given industry trends and emerging opportunities, is the development and management of alliance partnerships becoming more or less challenging in execution?
  3. Do you feel like you have an accurate 360-degree view on how alliance programs differ and compete with each other, including  your own, at both regional and global levels?
  4. Are there sufficient channels for your organization to differentiate and promote its alliance programs and partnership successes?
  5. What would help alliance professionals like yourself to generate more visibility, support, and funding for alliance programs within your own organization?
  6. What alliance-related topics do you wish market analysts, industry media, bloggers, consultants, and the like would research, cover, or write more about?

To take our survey now please visit PLM Alliance Manager Survey.  All responses are anonymous. We will share the results in a future Alliance Alchemy post, Thank you!

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