Client References

PLM Alliances Consulting Client Case Study A

This PLM Alliances client was an established independent software provider (ISP / ISV) and PLM market segment leader of best-in-class Configuration Management (CM) software tools for the A&D industry. They sought help with formulating their channel partner business strategy and then creating the marketing collaterals and sales-enablement assets needed to engage and support partners with PLM ISV business development. Read more in Client Case Study A.

PLM Alliances Consulting Client Case Study B

A privately-held independent software provider of engineering simulation software, operating in the CAE market segment of PLM, offered a new generation of market disrupting industry-specific finite element analysis (FEA) tools usable by design engineers as well as expert analysts. The initial project was to collaborate with the client’s executive team to develop and test a bolder market strategy for creating partnerships, alliances, and sales channels around a rapidly emerging new market opportunity. The project goals included re-imagining how their existing product positioning, competitive differentiation, industry messaging, value propositions, and customer presentations should evolve to support new market opportunities. Read more in Client Case Study B.

PLM Alliances Consulting Client Case Study C

This client was an independent software provider, selling into the mechanical analysis and simulation market segment of PLM solution software, that was focused on the aviation, aerospace, and defense industry. The client sought a fresh outsider’s perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the company and its products. They recognized the value in having an independent SWOT analysis conducted by a professional outside of their own management team to avoid bias or group-think. However, they were weary if any consultant could ever understand the intricacies and nuances of the company’s history, proprietary technology, software products, application uses, competition, and targeted markets. They needed someone who was intimately familiar with all of these elements yet who was on the “outside edge of the inside” and thus capable of providing a comprehensive and unfiltered SWOT analysis. Read more in Client Case Study C.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example D

An established ISV within a niche PLM market segment engaged PLM Alliances to develop new marketing collaterals, refresh website strategy and content for SEO optimization, and create a blog series that would generate additional visibility and sales leads. This project, which is on-going, is profiled in Client Case Study D with customer comments about the impact of our work on their business.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example E

This client engaged PLM Alliances in a year-long project to refresh its industry-focused strategy and then lead the pilot execution of the corresponding go-to-market plan for direct and indirect channel business development. Visit Client Example E for more information.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example F

As a founding member of the organizing executive committee, PLM Alliances contributed to the establishment of a new industry partnership and marketing alliance to educate, advocate,  collaborate and innovate for the wider use of engineering simulation software. Visit Client Example F to explore this example of a creative marketing co-op alliance expanding the reach and visibility of participating sponsors.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example G

A new international software provider, in an emerging market space similar to PLM, sought help from PLM Alliances with developing its business plan, sales strategy, competitive positioning, and industry messaging for entering the North American market. This multi-month project is presently underway but visit Client Example G to read what the customer has to say about our contribution to date.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example H

This returning client of PLM Alliances with a PDM software product sought help with reviewing then improving the performance of their marketing lead generation initiatives. The objectives and deliverables of this three-month project are profiled in Client Example H.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example I

This client of PLM Alliances sought help with developing fresh competitive positioning, differential messaging, and new marketing assets for use at an important annual industry conference. Inspect the result of our project in Client Reference I.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example J

This global-spanning initiative, the PLM Green Global Alliance, was co-founded by PLM Alliances in collaboration with European partners to create a network and community between professionals who use, develop, support, or market PLM-related technologies and software applications which have value in combating climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more in Client Reference J.

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example – Your Next!

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