Client Reference G

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example G

A new international independent software provider in an emerging market space similar to PLM sought help from PLM Alliances in late 2018 with its business plan, go-to-market strategy, competitive positioning, industry messaging, and customer presentations for entering the North American market.

This six-month project is presently underway so check back soon for more details on the complete scope of work that was performed. Until then, here’s what their executive had to say about our work to date:

Example Business Plan TOC

“After deciding to expand our asset management software business into North America we were introduced to PLM Alliances by a respected international market analyst firm. We sought help from PLM Alliances to develop our business plan and go-to-market strategy that would uniquely position us in a crowded, competitive solution space. By using the expertise and insights of marketing consultant Rich McFall we were able to define a far more focused strategy along with bolder messaging. This not only helps us to expand into new markets like the U.S. but is also be of considerable value in our existing domestic market.” Client Co-founder.

“After guiding the creation of our new business plan, PLM Alliances next took on a review and overhaul of our customer-facing presentations. Richard McFall led us to understand that we should lead our customer engagements with a collaborative conversation focused on our customer’s industry instead of ‘selling’ our products and services, no matter how different and better our technology was. Our new master presentation has become a powerful sales tool to guide us thru each stage of influencing prospective new customers, partners, and employees.” Client Vice President.


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