Alliance Survey 2018

PLM Alliances Survey on the State of PLM Partnerships, Alliances & Channels in 2018

“Are PLM alliances and partnerships becoming more common and valuable, or are they increasingly an energy-sapping distraction that rarely produces as promised?”

“Are PLM indirect sales channels healthy and growing, or are they challenged and failing?”

“Should resellers and consulting service providers seek more partnerships with different solution providers, or are they best to focus on just a select few relationships?”

If you ask these questions to ten different professionals across the global PLM ecosystem of solution providers you will likely get twenty different answers depending on the day of their revenue cycle. There are many valid reasons for this range of experiences and opinions, including that there are so many variables in the alliance and channel partner performance equations.

Many partner, alliance, and channel managers believe that their market space, technologies, products, customers, industry strategy, and go-to-market plan are all so unique – both individually and collectively – that comparison with others is rather meaningless.

My own experience is that while many think they have very different market opportunities and business challenges, which require different strategies and executions, most share the common opinion that alliance making and partner building should be much easier and more reliable in performance than it is currently.

While all of us hear of plenty one-off anecdotal experiences in our everyday jobs, there is little data to help executives assess how their opinions and performance compares to the rest of the industry. During 2018 PLM Alliances will begin to address this research void with a series of short surveys.

Our first survey is on the perceived overall state of partnerships, alliances, and channels across the many solution markets which comprise the $40B global PLM ecosystem. We start with three brief questions:

  1. Are strategic alliances, collaborative partnerships, and indirect sales channels becoming more or less important in the market segment(s) of PLM (e.g. PDM, CAD, CAE, PPM, CM, EDA, DMfg, AMT, etc.) in which your business competes?
  1. Is the development, management, and growth of alliance partnerships and channel relationships becoming more or less complex and challenging in execution?
  1. Are partnerships, alliances, and channel relationships performing above, at, or below business expectations?

Take our two-minute survey now at State of PLM Partnerships, Alliances, & Channels. Responses are anonymous and we don’t track participants, so please be as candid as you like.

If you wish to follow the results of this 2018 survey, periodically visit or register below to receive our monthly Alliance Alchemy blog posts. if you have a question to nominate for inclusion in future surveys, let us know at

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