Client Reference F

PLM Alliances Client Reference Example F Tags: As an invited founding member of the organizing Executive Committee, Rich McFall through PLM Alliances contributed to the establishment of a new industry-wide partnership and marketing alliance whose mission was to educate, advocate, collaborate, and innovate for the democratization of engineering simulation software technologies. Our contributions were numerous... Continue Reading →

Myth-Stakes of Partner Building 102

Myth-Stake of Partner Building 102: ¬†Collaborating as PLM partners does not mean suspending reality or believing in the fantasy that each partner does not have their own special self-interests which will always be far more important than those of the partnership. In this series of Alliance Alchemy¬© posts on the myth-stakes of partner building, we... Continue Reading →

The Alchemy of Alliance Making

The Alchemy of Alliance Making All those who have spent their career creating partnerships, alliances, and channel communities within the many market segments of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) know that our profession is much more of a wily situational craft - what I call Alliance Alchemy - than an exact, repeatable management science. As evidence,... Continue Reading →

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