First they ignore you

Over my career I have had the privilege of working with many independent software & service providers across numerous market segments within the $40B PLM ecosystem.  I’ve come to greatly admire the passion and perseverance of the founding management teams who often started out with only an idea and their own sweat equity. Many have not just survived but prospered against all odds competing against much larger, well-funded enterprise solution providers.

Our industry has a respectable tradition of celebrating innovation and rewarding entrepreneurialism. However, it’s no secret that small ISP’s – especially market disruptors – are occasionally  discounted, discredited, and even disparaged by forces protecting the status quo.

This New Year greeting is for the hundreds of small to mid-size businesses that populate the global PLM solution ecosystem and who make it so diverse, rich, innovative, and rewarding to work in. The following inspiration from BrainyQuote is attributed to another disruptor and game changer, Mahatma Gandhi, who says it best:

Image Credit: BrainyQuote

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